Our Team

Shujuan Liu

Research Team Lead

Shujuan Liu is leading the secondary research team to work closely with existing consulting teams to strengthen SAI MedPartners Asia’s secondary research capability. She also liaisons with the U.S. and India secondary research teams to enhance secondary research expertise. Ms. Liu is adopting innovative research techniques for data tracking, alerting, gathering, and management to maximize the efficiency of secondary research.

Prior to SAI, Ms. Liu led the content team to ensure the timeliness, accuracy, and comprehensive data delivery of pharmaceutical industry in Greater China in a global leading database intelligence company. She was responsible for training the team on data searching/analyzing/inputting and drove the team’s QC with her extensive experiences/expertise in China regulation dynamics and database management.

Ms. Liu also initiated and led content expansion to accelerate business development. She managed the customer queries internally and externally and supported the data analysis system upgrade.

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