Our Team

Joe Casal-Dominguez

Director & Therapy Area Lead
Neurology, Ophthalmology

Dr. Casal-Dominguez has more than 15 years of experience in strategic consulting and leads the global neurology and ophthalmology business at SAI.

His current research focus is in epilepsy, degenerative brain disorders, pain, migraine, sleep disorders, psychiatric disorders, and front/back of the eye disorders. In these areas, Dr. Casal-Dominguez conducts research, analysis, and formulated evidence-based strategy insights in early and late-stage R&D, brand defense and launch, as well as market access strategies. In addition, he regularly attends congresses related to the above therapy areas, regularly interacting with the key KOLs and industry people of interest at all seniority levels. His strategic focus lies, not only in the ability to capture hard-to-get data, but a strong emphasis on the implications and the ‘so what’ factor of what the data means to our clients and the therapeutic space.

He received his PhD in neuropharmacology and also holds a BSc in neuroscience and medicinal chemistry. His PhD research led to the discovery of BU09059, which is currently being looked at as a potential drug candidate to treat psychiatric disorders.

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