Our Team

Ryan Li

Market Access Director

Ryan Li leads the market access unit and related real-world evidence services, ensuring smooth navigation through multi-stage research solutions for both commercial and real-world engagements. Mr. Li has approximately 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He held various roles as market access and real-world evidence lead, digital health champion, and strategic director in Holmusk, Kantar Health, Unilever, and Shanghai CDC. He also has the unique experience to navigate top pharma and healthcare providers to create fit-for-purpose market access strategies and value-based evidence generation and proposition to further accelerate the whole cycle of product pipeline and launch/post-market excellence under the dynamic policy environment in China. Apart from that, he has the successful experience to customize digital transforming solutions and establish digital platforms/tools to enrich real-world data and enable measure-based care and potential digital therapeutics.

Mr. Li’s expertise includes, but is not limited to, market access strategy creation (HEOR, pricing and reimbursement, and hospital listing); real-world tactics for value-based evidence generation (early clinical development, post-market approval, license renewal, new drug application, etc.); digital innovation development by fully leveraging advanced analytics (AI/machine learning) and digital disruption (digital transformation strategy, digital HCP and patients engagement; and novel insights about internet hospitals, healthcare policies such as VBP, hospital KPI, DRG/DIP and healthcare big data analytics).

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