Our Team

Stefi Gastaldi

Associate Director
Cell Therapy, Oncology

Dr. Stefania Gastaldi holds a PhD in molecular oncology from the University of Turin in Italy and spent part of the program at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, where she worked on cancer stem cells biology. She continued as a post-doctoral fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital working on molecular determinants of squamous cell carcinoma progression.

Dr. Gastaldi joined SAI as a consultant and has developed extensive experience in performing competitive intelligence investigations in EU4 countries and the U.S. and UK, targeting company sources as well as KOLs and lead prescribers in the field of oncology. Working on several oncology projects in various indications, she developed a strong knowledge of disease landscapes and clinical development in lung, including NSCLC; SCLC and mesothelioma; and gynecological tumors such as ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancer – with a focus on checkpoint inhibitors and new immunotherapeutic agents, EGFR, ALK, c-MET inhibitors, PARP inhibitors, anti-angiogenic, antibody-drug conjugates, and bispecifics. Dr. Gastaldi regularly attends the main annual oncology conferences such as ASCO, ESMO, WCLC, and ASH, where she conducts primary research, engaging in peer-to-peer conversations with physicians/KOLs and company representatives.
She is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is fluent in Italian, English, and French.

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