Our Global Team Is At Your Service

Erik Nordhoy – CEO

SAI was established over 30 years ago with a focused vision of providing clients with a new standard of decision support grounded in an intensive field-oriented business research methodology and executed by seasoned, industry experienced professionals. The heart of our value proposition remains our global team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and the success of our clients. We are passionate about one thing: helping you win in the market.

The evolving global healthcare market provides unique opportunities and challenges for our clients with increasing investment risks and rewards for successfully executed strategies. In this environment, you need a partner who can take a truly global view, navigate local market nuances and complexities and support strategy development across markets and time zones.

SAI’s worldwide staff of over 175 professionals is strategically positioned around the globe, enabling us to rapidly respond to your needs. Our leadership across the Americas, Europe, Asia and India drive our organizational focus within their regions to provide consulting solutions informed by, and adapted to local market needs. We welcome a conversation about how we can help you.

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