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Polly Shi

Medical Devices

Polly Shi is the director of SAI MedPartners Asia, focusing on medical device project initiatives and development, with consulting in various intelligence assessment services including clinical, commercial, competition, business and market access, etc.

Prior to joining SAI, Ms. Shi had over 25 years’ working experience in the medical device industry, with a background of managerial responsibilities (sales, marketing, commercial, P&L, company financing projects, government affairs, professional education) in multinational and local Chinese companies. Equipped with broad and deep understanding of the medical device industry, she was able to help clients to solve problems and design strategies which enabled future business growth.

Her industry knowledge covers various product segments from medical consumables (including general surgery, thoracic surgery, endoscopic surgery, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular intervention, medical drugs delivery system) to equipment (ultrasound, infection control, laparoscope, etc.).

She also has solid understanding of med-tech products from high-value to low-value and has full appreciation of the differences that exist between high-value devices and lower-value devices in registration pathway, government procurement, decision-makers etc.

Ms. Shi will thrive on delivering impactful decision support across all of SAI’s projects.

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