Our Team

Luciano Vozzolo

Director & Therapy Area Lead
Cardiology, Endocrinology

Luciano Vozzolo has been working with SAI MedPartners for over eight years and currently leads the Cardiovascular, Renal, and Metabolism (CVRM) Business Unit. With large experience in the management consulting world, Dr. Vozzolo is a versatile CI manager with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry at both the clinical and commercial level. During his tenure at SAI, Dr. Vozzolo has been involved in scenario planning workshops, disease area assessments, organizational benchmarking exercises, and launch readiness preparation activities in support of leading pharmaceutical companies across the infectious disease, immunology, and CVRM spaces. Dr. Vozzolo is a fully dedicated resource to SAI’s CVRM Business Unit and regularly attends relevant conferences to the space, such as ACC, ESC, HFSA, EASD, ADA, AHA, ERS, ATS, and others.

Prior to joining SAI, Dr. Vozzolo worked for another management consulting company, holding the role of Vaccine Development Scientist for ITS Innovation, supporting the development of its leading universal influenza vaccine. He obtained a PhD in molecular biology/virology at the University College London (UCL) working on the identification of new compounds able to interfere with HIV virus replication. The high-grade scientific background combined with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical business has helped Dr. Vozzolo bring strong analytical, problem-solving, and strategic thinking skills in all projects he has been leading, becoming a trusted partner for his clients.

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