Our Team

Ben Kumpfmuller

Director & Therapy Area Lead
Cardiology, Endocrinology

Dr. Benjamin Kumpfmüller co-leads the global and European Cardiovascular, Renal, and Metabolism (CVRM) Business Unit at SAI MedPartners.

Building on a strong academic background, Dr. Kumpfmüller grew over the last seven years into a leadership position at SAI, driving numerous consulting projects for pharmaceutical and biotech clients. Guiding our clients through their competitive challenges by providing key business intelligence and strategic analyses is a major motivator for him to go the extra mile. SAI’s team managed to establish strong relationships with its clients based on its value-adding work, and those clients now consider SAI as a trustworthy partner, rather than a simple service provider. Dr. Kumpfmüller has worked with some clients during his entire tenure in consulting, and even supported a big pharma client as a part-time contractor agreement for a couple of years.

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