Our Team

Zack Gershenson

Associate Director
Cell Therapy, Oncology

Zack Gershenson joined SAI MedPartners as a consultant in the oncology business unit in 2018, and has managed and supported numerous projects focused on immunotherapy and cell therapies across both hematological and solid tumors. He now leads SAI’s Cell Therapy Center of Excellence, leveraging his expertise within cell therapy to provide next-level insights for both consulting clients and CellTraQ initiatives. He also regularly attends key oncology and cell therapy conferences such as AACR, ASGCT, ASCO, EHA, ESMO, SITC, and ASH, and analyzes the most impactful developments from those meetings in special conference-focused editions of the CellTraQ newsletter.

Mr. Gershenson holds an MS in cell and molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration in gene therapy and vaccine immunology. He has over eight years of research experience in molecular biology and immunology, including more than five years developing novel CAR-T technology and investigating the mechanisms of CAR-T-related cytokine release syndrome in the laboratory of Dr. Stephan Grupp at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and has coauthored several peer-reviewed publications relating to CAR-T cells and AAV-based gene therapies.

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