Our Team

John Barry

Vice President
Cell Therapy, Oncology

Dr. Barry helps to lead the SAI MedPartners Oncology Team and has expertise in qualitative landscape analysis, benchmarking, and early-stage forecasting across solid and liquid tumors.

Dr. Barry joined SAI MedPartners in 2014 and has focused on providing broad strategic support to oncology companies from discovery to LCM. He has extensive knowledge of the oncology landscape and has experience in qualitatively assessing the dynamics of the rapidly evolving space. He also leads the oncology forecasting group at SAI MedPartners which aims to provide confidence and understanding of key assumptions driving commercial opportunity.

Dr. Barry’s research was on the cutting edge of targeted delivery of novel anti-cancer agents. He worked to develop more effective treatments for multiple cancer types, including pancreatic cancer and melanoma. His work in pharmacology, drug delivery, and nanotechnology (with an emphasis on protein biochemistry) provides a unique perspective into oncologic medicine.

Dr. Barry holds a PhD in bioengineering from Clemson University and has performed postdoctoral work at the Melanoma Center at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

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